We are Blue as the Sky no limits
ABS Travel Department competitive advantage derives from the local knowledge with O&G Crew needs…! We boast of being the specialists in ship crew movement in Angola, ranking our services as excellency achieved with our International Customers.

ABS Travel since 2014 in the O&G market, specializing in ship crew movement. Over the last 3 years, it has served effectively hundreds of seamen. The unrivalled experience acquired in this sector with constant training to our ground staff places us on the top of agencies dealing with ship crew movement in Angola.

The competitive advantage of the ABS Travel Department lies on:

  • The vast experience and knowledge of our staff on the maritime needs.
  • The traditionally close relationships with our Customers and Airlines.
  • The constant familiarization of our staff with the ever changing travel formalities required.
  • ABS is the expert in providing on time the appropriate arrival/departure information.
  • The knowledge on the repatriation issues to and from all Angolan ports.
  • Our international presence through our network

In a borderless world where time is money, efficiency and speed are the key factors of success for the modern businessman, the ability of ABS Travel Department to ensure substantial savings on fares and to serve its customers within the shortest possible time through its international network, makes it an invaluable partner.