ABS aims to provide our clients, vendors, employees and stakeholders with a superior service experience. Our activities should reflect a win / win scenario for all stakeholders involved in the process. This means that our employees are always ready to take on the responsibility of fulfilling these goals.


ABS is striving to be the market leader in quality. For this, we exclusively market services that create a competitive advantage for our clients through personalized service, innovative handling and adapting to the changing needs of our clients.


Every employee acts as a service provider for both the customer and the company. Assuming personal responsibility means addressing problems or concerns and striving to solve them so that everyone’s best interests are met.


ABS sees itself as a “learning organization,” which invests in its employees at all levels in working towards acquiring a competitive advantage in the area of knowledge. In this way, we are able to stay one step ahead of dynamic market developments and be better prepared to meet the growing demands of our clients.


ABS is privately held. One of our primary goals is to retain our autonomy. By promoting independence in thought and action we are ensuring the future success of ABS and its stakeholders.


ABS partners are seen as integral components in the company’s success. Our mutual relations are characterized by fairness, openness and promotion of common interests.


ABS has built a global presence through its worldwide network of offices and dedicated partners with the ability and desire to meet and exceed our customers expectations.


ABS is committed to being responsible towards our stakeholders, public, environment and society. In this way, not only the technical, but also to a large extent the social competencies of the company are developed.


ABS is committed to the principles of open competition. The company’s competitive behavior is market by fairness, as well as openness and transparency of mutual relations.


At ABS we make a commitment to do our business with integrity, respecting cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals in all countries. In our actions and our dealings with others, we will respect the rule of law,

  • promise only what we expect to deliver,
  • not knowingly mislead others,
  • not participate in unacceptable business practices,
  • fulfil our obligations and commitments,

We expect the same commitments from third parties acting on our behalf.